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Our Revolutions Retreats (formerly known as International Youth Intensives) are an amazing and unique opportunity for participants to:

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[li]Cultivate the Courageous Life of Nonviolence mentally, emotionally, and physically[/li]
[li]Learn the skills necessary to become an Empathy First Responder[/li]
[li]Develop fluency in Nonviolent Communication[/li]
[li]Cultivate Mindful Interdependence through being introduced to Wilderness skills on our Wild! days[/li]
[li]Perform in a co-created show for a supportive audience to express our understanding of what it means to be leaders for a peaceful, harmonious, and sustainable world[/li]
[li]Explore the secrets of culinary art, learning delicious recipes that you can share at home[/li]
[li]Take risks in a safe environment to learn your own story and what is your own personal revolution[/li]
[li]Begin lifelong friendships and laugh uncontrollably![/li]


Both programs offer training in Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Storytelling, Conflict Transformation, and varying degrees of wilderness skills. All of the skills and practices learned at Play in the Wild! can be taken back home for continued personal growth or to be shared with family, schools, or a participant’s wider community. Both programs will ignite our passionate expressions of  Being Nonviolence so we can serve and protect all needs, all beings, all life.

As a participant in our Artistry of Peace retreats, you will specifically draw from the theatrical arts, improvisation, storytelling, poetry, dance, song, music, drumming, mask-making, book-making, painting and humor to bring alive your own creative expression of Being Nonviolence. We will create peace in the world by creating art from our own authentic truth. We will culminate our learning time together in a “give-away” performance to share the teachings of nonviolence and peace we hold most valuable with a local audience.

As a participant in our Peaceable Revolution retreats, you will specifically learn the skills and consciousness required to become Peacemakers and Compassionate Leaders of social change. This unique program offers global teens an experience of deep connection to themselves, each other, and the world. Each Peaceable Revolution will have a community social change project they will immerse themselves in for learning and service.


LEARN AND LEAD: Play in the Wild! Animators share their passions and practices for Being Nonviolence – this could include Nonviolent Communication skills, history, art, yoga, martial arts, Medicine Poetry, Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, Dance Lodge, improvisation, stand-up, dramatic play, song, music, and cultural traditions. Participants are encouraged to lead on topics of their own passionate interest.

GIVE-AWAY: In many sacred traditions a GIVE-AWAY is part of life to offer the community stories, teachings, and nourishment. On our last night together during our Artistry of Peace retreats, we present art and a performance to the local community to “give away” what we have learned as individuals and as a group on the path of peace. During our Peaceable Revolution retreats, the “give-away” will be offering our service, creating social change through projects such as raising gardens, creating safe waterways for clean water, or whatever is tangibly called for to meet the needs of the local community working with us.

LIVE IN COMMUNITY: We engage in the practices of becoming more attuned to what motivates us and choosing strategies that will bring the most aliveness and connection to ourselves and with the group. We create a safe, nonjudgmental environment focused on Being Nonviolence. This requests each of us to leave alcohol, recreational drugs, guns, weapons, and smoking at home. After opening circle we have a ceremonial “unplugging” where we place all electronics in a safe space to be held for the duration of our time together. This gives us a unique journey of returning to connection with ourselves, each other, and the land we live on. Folks are welcome to “plug” back into the matrix after closing circle.

GET CERTIFICATES/CREDIT: Hours from this training can be applied to certification with the Center for Nonviolent Communication and may apply towards course study in certain schools or CEUs. Participants receive a certificate for 9 days of Nonviolent Communication training.

SHARE FOOD: We create a rotation of leadership and support in the kitchen to provide meals for the whole group. We provide lacto-ovo organic vegetarian meals. In the tradition of Play in the Wild!, these are gourmet, unique, delicious flavors from around the world. If you have a particular cuisine you are wanting to learn about, be sure to mention it during your interview.