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[li]Develop  your Wilderness skills and learn the joy of sleeping outside under the stars [/li]
[li]Trust yourself and know that you can trust others [/li]

[li]Strengthen yourself fully – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually[/li]
[li]Enjoy cooking and feasting with incredible organic camp meals [/li]
[li]Discover how to make choices that serve you and others[/li]
[li]Find freedom from fearing what others might think of you [/li]
[li]Transform judgmental thoughts about yourself and others into understanding [/li]
[li]Practice speaking your truth and listening deeply with empathy[/li]
[li]Live in community and learn the interdependence you have with ALL life[/li]
[li]Initiate yourself into Being Nonviolence and how to BE the change that you want to see in the world[/li]

We love offering our Quest programs again and again because participants tell us how they have changed their lives – at home, at school and in their communities. They feel free to be who they really are and they create closer, more trusting relationships with their parents, their siblings, their friends and their teachers. Each in their own way, they share with family and peers what they have learned as they contribute to social change in their communities.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

-Robert Frost

Our Quests take  you far into the back country of some of the most spectacular and pristine places on our planet.

On our Backpack Quests, we will pack all the supplies and equipment necessary for food, water, shelter, safety, and warmth into packs that we carry on our backs while hiking to our destinations.

On our Canoe Quests, we will travel on water in canoes, allowing us to get farther and faster out into the back country.  However, we do not bring “extra stuff” just because the weight can be carried in canoes – Canoe Quests include the art of portaging which requires us to navigate land with all our gear, including our canoes!

For all Quests, you will receive a gear list specific to your Quest once you are fully registered.


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[li]Be comfortable living outdoors and sleeping in a tent, rain or shine[/li]
[li]Stay clean and dispose of human waste without showers or toilets[/li]
[li]Pack lightly and bring only what you really need[/li]
[li]Recognize our interdependence with wildlife – to live closely with animals, birds and insects without doing any harm[/li]
[li]Live interdependently with others, learning to care for everyone’s safety and well-being[/li]


OUR DAYS TOGETHER: Play in the Wild! Animators will offer opportunities in Being Nonviolence through Taiji (Tai Chi), Yoga, Meditation, Nonviolent Communication, Storytelling, Vision Quest, Canoeing, Swimming, Tracking the Inner and Outer Wild, Cooking, and lots more!

LIVE IN COMMUNITY: We will engage in the practices of becoming more attuned to what motivates us and choosing strategies that will bring the most aliveness and connection to ourselves and the group. We will create a safe, nonjudgmental environment focused on Being Nonviolence. This requests each of us to leave alcohol, recreational drugs, guns, weapons, and smoking at home. After opening circle. we will have a ceremonial “unplugging” where we will place all electronics in a safe space to be held for the duration of our time together. This is to give us a unique journey of returning to connection with ourselves, each other, and the land we live on. Folks are welcome to “plug” back into the matrix after closing circle.

GET CREDIT:  Hours from this training can be applied to certification with the Center for Nonviolent Communication and may apply towards course study in certain schools or CEUs.

SHARE FOOD: We will create a rotation of leadership and support to provide meals for the whole group. We will provide lacto-ovo organic vegetarian meals. In the tradition of Play in the Wild!, these will be gourmet, unique, delicious flavors from around the world adapted for the trail. If you have a particular cuisine you are wanting to learn about, be sure to mention it during your interview.