Gardens at Wild! Heart Refuge

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[pullQuote position=”left”]Flowers, vegetables, fruits, and bees coexist with us in an interdependent web of mutual support. We cultivate our relationships with all living things as part of our practice of being nonviolence.[/pullQuote]The farm and gardens at Wild! Heart Refuge provide many of the vegetables and fruits for Play in the Wild! programs in Vermont. They are also our outdoor classrooms for learning how to grow delicious, energizing organic food for people while also providing nourishment for the soil, bees, and other forms of life.

[image url=”×251.jpg” alt=”Meeting the Bees at Wild! Heart Refuge” alignment=”right” margin_left=”10″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”260″ height=”251″]Farm to Table: On Wild! Kids Camps and Revolutions Retreats, participants experience preparing meals from food that they harvest themselves. This means getting our hands dirty! Along the way, we might meet Wild! Heart Refuge’s bees or pause for an impromptu meditation in the pumpkin patch. Understanding the way food grows and being able to prepare “gourmet” foods from scratch is a magical and empowering experience for Wild!ers of all ages.