Wild! Kids Day Camps

[slider id= “10”]Wild! Kids Camp offers a unique learning opportunity for younger youth ages 6-12 years old to cultivate Being Nonviolence in an outdoor and artistic environment. We support youth at Wild! Kids Camp to:

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[li]Develop basic Wilderness skills[/li]
[li]Strengthen fully – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually[/li]
[li]Enjoy cooking and feasting with incredible organic camp meals, including harvesting directly out of the garden and meeting farmers [/li]
[li]Discover how to make life-serving choices and boundaries[/li]
[li]Practice speaking their truth and listening deeply with empathy[/li]
[li]Learn the interdependence they have with ALL life[/li]


Campers are dropped off each morning and picked up in the afternoon each day from the Wild! Kids Camp site.  In between, we hike, play, make music, tell stories, create art, learn about our connection to the earth, and build incredible earth shelters in the outdoor Peace Village.  Some days we take field trips to parks for added adventure and exploration of the wild.  Throughout, Play in the Wild! Animators (that’s what we call our Team) will offer sessions like Tracking the Inner and Outer Wild, Yoga, Mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication, Journal Making, Storytelling, Swimming, Ropes Challenges, and lots more!


At Wild! Kids Camp, we venture into the magic of the wilderness.  Our days incorporate hikes and nature activities, including team building activities and rope challenges. Through hands-on activities, we reconnect to the knowledge that nonviolence begins with each step on Mother Earth.


Wild! Kids Camp gives children space to grow, laugh, and learn through real experiences of building meaningful friendships. Daily arts and crafts such as geometry, watercolor, poetry and collage-making encourage each camper’s mind and heart to rediscover freedom of expression and a natural inquisitiveness about life.


Local, organic, lacto-ova vegetarian snacks and meals sustain our bodies as well as our minds. We believe that nonviolence starts from within, and is impacted by what we feed our bodies. Throughout camp, we try fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms as well as explore ideas of mindfulness of what we choose to consume. In the tradition of Play in the Wild!, these are gourmet, unique, delicious flavors from around the world, especially suited for camp.