Community Camps

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[ul style=”6″][li]Community Camps are an opportunity to explore living in community with others while being immersed in the beauty of a natural environment. [/li]

[li]Learn and apply the practices of Being Nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication in a non-judgmental atmosphere where our intention is to create a thriving community where everyone’s needs matter – no matter how old you are![/li]

[li]With an emphasis on relating to the children, we explore how we can build strong relationships within our families and our community to have greater ease, co-operation, and compassion in our lives. [/li]

[li]Multi-age sessions offered everyday with Open Space Technology[/li]

[li]Delicious, Organic Food! [/li]

[li]We integrate Wilderness Skills with community building activities to explore fun, diversity, safety, trust, respect, play, and group harmony. [/li]

Some of our Community Camps are sponsored by Baba Tree International and organized by Play in the Wild!. Sometimes we bring a Play in the Wild! team to co-lead with your team to create a Community Camp of your own. To find out more, go to Hire Play in the Wild! to come to you!