Animator Trainings

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Leading Youth, “Wild! Style”

We have chosen the word Animator to describe what we offer at Play in the Wild! because it reflects our vision of leadership that animates, or brings to life, each person’s authentic presence to create an environment of empathy, compassionate understanding, self-responsibility, and life serving connection. Year after year, youth on our programs report that they take home greater trust in themselves, deep connection to the principles of nonviolence, understanding of empathy, and useful skills for living interdependently with all life.

Play in the Wild!’s Animator Training consists of both Online Learning and in-person Retreats and Quests. With multiple levels of learning and modules that can be taken alone or in combination, it’s possible to create the program that works best for you.  Through this training we seek to support individuals to create an environment of empathy, compassionate understanding, self-responsibility, and life serving connection with themselves and the communities they serve.

[blockQuote position=”center”]”I am thriving for the first time in a very long time as an educator. You have provided me with the tools that I needed to be able to create a classroom that is sincerely coming from the deepest longing in my heart to share power in a safe learning environment.”
Jaime, teacher, USA[/blockQuote]

This training may be for you if you want to:

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[li]Learn what we do with youth at Play in the Wild! [/li]

[li]Transform fears and internal obstacles to effectively lead & connect with youth [/li]

[li]Build a culture of empathy & collaboration among team members [/li]

[li]Create & offer activities based on Universal Human Needs & the Principles of Nonviolence [/li]

[li]Understand protective use of force & boundaries that offer safety, trust & respect for all [/li]

[li]Lead with shared power, where everyone both leads & follows the lead of others [/li]

[li]Use fun & practical systems for all ages to share in community care (i.e. meals & cleaning) [/li]

[li]Address conflicts in a way where everyone’s needs are valued[/li]

[li]Welcome both tears & laughter [/li]

[li]Celebrate differences in a multilingual, multicultural, multiclass, multiage learning community[/li]

[li]Work with money, gathering resources, building community support, & marketing through connection[/li]

[li]Learn how to integrate your passions with the principles of Nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication[/li]

[li]Create a vision and a plan to live your dream “job” with youth[/li]


Upcoming Animator Training modules:

  • To Be Announced