We accept lots of wonderful support to make our unique programs happen. Contact us and we will put you in touch with the local organizer for a specific program.

Part of what makes our programs unique is the care with which we create the learning environment for living the principles and practices of nonviolence.  This care involves specifically interviewing each person to see that they are ready for this powerful experience. It does not give to the quality of care and connection we would like to have people come just for a few days or simply to “check out” what we do. As far as attending one of our programs as a volunteer, we do not have anyone who is not an actual participant or on the Animator Team attend our youth programs.

However, we are more than open to sharing our experiences, videos, photos, and answering any questions you have.  We invite you to check out our Celebrations page to see videos from some of our past Wild!s and hear from participants. If you have a deeper interest in what we do, you might consider participating one of our Animator Trainings or attending a Community Camp.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Play in the Wild!