Frequently Asked Questions

Camp is for everybody! Play in the Wild! bases its structures on L.O.V.E., therefore we do not see people with any label such as “violent”, “abused”, “disadvantaged”, “good”, or “bad”. We do see people who that may have made choices in their life that were not as effective as they would like for getting needs met or that may have created suffering for themselves or others. We believe all humans have a capacity of violence, therefore it also holds true they have a capacity for nonviolence – living a life that is in service to all beings, all needs, all life. Our programs are for any individuals who are ready to immerse themselves in community to live and practice the tenets of nonviolence. If you are curious about improving your relationship to yourself, to others, and to the world around you, then our programs might be for you.

Thanks for asking!  We regularly accept applications from youth who need financial assistance to cover their tuition and/or travel expenses.  If you would like to help make it possible for one of these youth to attend a Wild!, we welcome your donation.  Check out our “Make a Donation” page for more details.

How out in the wild we get depends on the program. If you choose a Quest, expect to be away from “civilization” for the majority of the days experiencing real practices of wilderness survival. We may have one day on either end of the Quest that takes place at a car camping site for preparation or integration. Our Revolutions take the power of Quest into a retreat-style setting in a rural location with access to trails. We still engage in the majority of activities outside and for certain activities we will go to a river for canoeing or nature park for hiking.

Our programs are in whatever language our participants speak! English happens to be a common language for many people from many nations so you will find it at all of our programs. We honor all backgrounds so we honor first languages. We will have a team member or specific translator for any requested languages – please inquire. Our Quests in Quebec are primarily English and French, unless there is a participant who has another first language, then we are more than happy to provide translation. Our Revolutions program (formerly known as International Youth Intensives) have had as many as seven languages – all active.

For our Youth and Educator Programs, including Quests , Revolutions and Animator Training, fill out the application and send in your $25 fee. Once we get your  your application and fee, we will set up your interview to confirm that Play in the Wild! is for you. If it is for you, then you will get a complete registration packet to get things under way!  For our other programs, including Family Programs, registration information can be found on the page of the specific program you’re interested in.

For our youth programs and Animator Training, you can send in your application anytime. We will set up the next available interview as soon as we can so that we can get you fully registered.

We ask that you apply and complete registration a minimum of two weeks prior to the start dates of  Revolutions, Quests , or the Animator Training you hope to attend, as we base our food and supplies orders on the number of participants enrolled. We do not guarantee that there will be spaces available that close to the start date, so apply early!

Let’s look at cost for a moment. The money paid contributes to the food, facility, art materials, camping and/or canoeing supplies, and transportation during the program. We also like to offer our team of Animators dana, an ancient Pali word meaning “gift”, for their expertise in creating these unique opportunities for youth and families. If we break down cost to an hourly rate, let’s say for one of the Quests, our request would be $5.18 an hour. If we break it down per day it would be $124.40. Seeing these numbers, we wonder if there is a way to set aside and save up for a program like this or even to ask friends and families to contribute to a day or even an hour of this experience? If the cost still feels daunting, feel free to contact us for ideas on raising funds and to see if there is any scholarship support available.

What you can expect is three meals a day (except when we fast) and engaging activities. Activities vary depending on the program you choose. On a Quest, expect to immerse into the wilderness. On some days we will move from one adventurous spot to another setting up and caring for our living space. On Revolutions, since where we live for our time together will be stationary, we focus more on the arts and social change. On all our camps, Play in the Wild! Animators offer opportunities in Being Nonviolence through Taiji (Tai Chi), Yoga, Mindfulness Practices, Meditation, Nonviolent Communication, Storytelling, Vision Quest, Swimming, Tracking the Inner and Outer Wild, Cooking, Wilderness skills,  and lots more!

Life today is full of electronics that influence our way of connecting. We think in terms of Facebook posts to get needs for connection, community, and being seen met. We feel the constant pulsing of our favorite music pumped directly into our ears via our iPods or other devices meeting needs for belonging, nurturance, and safety. We check our email regularly to meet all sorts of needs. We also take in volumes of information via films, YouTube, or just by surfing the web. As an “experiment in truth”, unplugging gives us a chance to remind ourselves of the depth of our senses and how we relate to the world. Unplugging gives our internal systems a chance to re-juice and “download” directly from the world around us. It gives us space to know ourselves and how we really want to express our truth. In fact, unplugging increases our effectiveness using of all these devices when we return to them, because we will have more clarity as to why we choose them and how they meet our needs.

Please do! We love deepening our relationships. We often have participants return for several years in a row and it can be quite powerful for them to see their own growth. No two programs are ever exactly the same. Even if we do a similar exercise or practice, it changes as you change and having different groupings of people produces different learnings. The incredible thing about learning Nonviolence is that it is a life-long process. Marie-Gabrielle, who attended six Wild!’s, once said, “I could go each and every year of my life and I know I’ll always learn!”

Being a Play in the Wild! Animator is not a position you will see advertised just anywhere. On rare occasions, we might post a position on the website. This unique position is available to individuals that demonstrate the skills of empathy as a first response, the ability to hold a sacred container for youth to feel safe to learn, active practice in Nonviolent Communication, and living the principles of Being Nonviolence in their life. If you are interested in doing what we do, you might consider the Animator Training.

We accept lots of wonderful support to make our unique programs happen. Contact us and we can put you in touch with the organizer for a specific program to see how you can help. As far as coming to one of our programs as a volunteer, we do not have anyone who is not an actual participant or on the Animator Team attend camp. We want to create a specific container of focus with living in a nonviolent paradigm, so we have specifically interviewed each person to see that they are ready for this powerful experience. It does not give to the quality of care and connection we would like, to have people come just for a few days or simply to “check out” what we do. We are more than open to sharing our experiences, videos, photos, and answering any questions you have.

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