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[image url=”” alt=”Sophie Steiner” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”10″ width=”640″ height=”480″]There is a Fierce Grace born when we engage impermanence and the practices of nonviolence. Sophie Steiner was a Wild!er who embodied these practices and inspired all of us here at Play in the Wild!. She died on August 30, 2013 at the age of 15, having walked her journey with cancer profoundly, leaving big tracks for all of us to follow.

During Sophie’s many stays at the hospital she learned as much as she taught about what it means to be a compassionate human. She spoke often about her concern for the families who have a child with cancer. She was often the first to offer empathy ­ even to the doctors who were there to help her. She was passionate about making sure that all the children and their families were receiving the care they needed. Even before her walk with cancer, she was committed to nonviolence and wanted to see all humans treated as equals.

Sophie understood wholeheartedly that community infused with empathy offers space for everyone – no matter what is going on for them in their lives – to be. She enthusiastically shared her truth and support in many empathy circles. She brought all that she learned with Play in the Wild! into her personal, school, and church life.

Toward the end of her life, Sophie said to us that she wished that all youth could be afforded the same opportunities that she had experienced. For Sophie, building a world in which everyone can experience equality, harmony, and fun was not only her work, it was her life.

In Sophie Steiner’s honor we have set up the Fierce Grace Fund to ensure that youth living with life threatening illness and/or their siblings will be able to attend a Revolutions Retreat or Wilderness Quest with Play in the Wild!.  Sophie spoke often of wanting every teen to get the experience she was afforded.

Sophie lived her life to the fullest even while having cancer. Her life is her message – being willing to speak out loud what is in the heart with a Fierce Grace. This is an honesty that empowers and serves life.

If you know a youth living with a life threatening illness or a youth who has a sibling with a life threatening illness and they have an interest in joining a Play in the Wild! program, please invite them to apply.

Play in the Wild! accepts both check and credit card donations to the Fierce Grace Fund. For check donations, see the instructions under “Donate by Check” on our Donation page. Be sure to write “Fierce Grace Fund” in your check’s memo. For credit card donations, click the button below:

[button text=”Donate Now Online to the Fierce Grace Fund” type=”link” size=”large” rounded=”true” link=”” target=”_parent” color=”aqua” ]


We thank you for your contribution and helping continue Sophie’s work.

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