Celebrations of Our Wild! Life

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Playing at Wild! Kids Camp 2015!

Go under the water and through the woods with the kids of the 2015 Wild! Kids Camp!

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Artistry of Peace 2015 Revolutions Retreat

We came together from four continents. For nine days, we lived as a global community cultivating a culture of empathy for social change.

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Celebrating Wild! Kids Camp 2014!

Take a romp through the world of Wild! Kids Camps with the kids and families of the 2014 Wild! Kids Camp!

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Camp Communautaire Se Brancher Coeur 2013

Partage, Nature et Conscience. Quatre jours de camping et de ressourcement dans une communauté multi-âge où nous apprenons à renforcer le langage du cœur.

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Celebrating Peaceable Revolution 2012!

As part of their giveaway to the community, the youth of Peaceable Revolution danced “I Shall Be Free” by Kid Beyond. Thanks to all the participants and the Animator team!

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Celebrating the 2012 Québec Canoe Quest!

In this video, hear from the youth of the 2012 Canoe Quest in Québec, Canada, about their journey of learning how to trust themselves and each other … and the fun that they had along the way!

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Youth Interviews from Play in the Wild!

Youth from the 2012 Play in the Wild! Quebec Canoe Quest speak about their experience of Play in the Wild!.

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Celebrating Artistry of Peace, the 2012 Youth Revolution in Australia

In April 2012, youth from the U.S., Canada, and Australia gathered as a community to practice the principles of Nonviolence and develop their own unique Artistry of Peace. This video celebrates those 9 days, offering a glimpse into their experience.

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“We Change the World” by the Youth of the 2011 Youth Revolution

The youth of the 2011 Play in the Wild! Revolution: Artistry of Peace offer you a view into their camp experience through this song, which they wrote at camp and performed to the local community.

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2010 Youth Revolution: A Force More Powerful

What if nine days could change your life? Join the teens of the 2010 International Youth Intensive as they show you a community based on the tenets of nonviolence. Along the way, enjoy drumming, dancing, ranting, some fresh perspectives, and even pizza-making with the youth.

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2009 Youth Revolution

In 2009, young people from Australia, India, Canada, all over the United States came together to participate in the first Play in the Wild! Youth Revolution, learning skills and getting the support from staff and peers to become peacemakers and leaders of social change. This video offers a tantalizing glimpse of what the participants experienced.

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  • “I love the whole week at this camp. It made me happy to see people having fun while climbing the mountain together. I learned that I can be myself and still be treated as a human.” - Shady, 14

  • “It’s a life changing experience.” - Aaron, 15

  • “I am taking [home with me] trust and believing that I can do more than what I think I can” - Abby, 15

  • What are you taking home with you? “empathy, love, and compassion” - Nicole, 13

  • What do you mourn? “that [the Animator Team] can’t walk me through the hard times in my life” - Juls, 17

  • "On Outward Bound, counselors are there to support you with physical stuff that comes up and to push you as hard as they can. At other camps, counselors basically babysit while you do activities, but on Play in the Wild!, you're supported to do self-exploration." - Cece, 17

  • "Every moment was a learning moment" - Cece, 17

Alaska Backpacking Quest 2008 Slideshow

Words and images from the youth of the 2008 Alaska Wild!

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