Salah's Learning

Unplugging at Play in the Wild! creates a space where we can cultivate the Mindful Practices of Being Nonviolence. Life today is full of electronics that influence our ways of connecting. We think in terms of Facebook posts to have needs for connection, community, and being seen met. We feel the constant pulsing of our favorite music pumped directly into our ears via our iPods or other devices meeting needs for belonging, nurturance, and safety. We check our email regularly to meet all sorts of needs. We also take in volumes of information via films, YouTube, or just by surfing the web. As an “experiment in truth”, unplugging gives us a chance to remind ourselves of the depth of our senses and how we relate to the world. Unplugging gives our internal systems a chance to re-juice and “download” directly from the world around us. It gives us space to know ourselves and how we really want to express our truth. In fact, unplugging increases our effectiveness of use of all these devices when we return to them because we will have more clarity as to why we choose the devices and how they meet our needs.

Whether on Quest or on a Revolutions Retreat, you will call your parent or guardian when you arrive. You will get the opportunity to create a post on Facebook or email to let your family and friends know you are unplugging for the length of the Wild!. We will have what we call an Unplugging Ceremony where we mourn and celebrate unplugging, then place all our electronics in a basket where they will be kept safely and securely until we have our Plugging Back In Ceremony, where we will mourn and celebrate plugging back in. Interestingly enough, on many a Wild! students have voted to take an extra day off of electronics. Once a student requested that people do not turn their electronics back on until we were all in our cars headed home or to the airport. All of the students agreed.

Methusela on guitar - North Carolina, USA Revolution 2011You will learn a great deal about your relationship to your electronics: how they meet your needs, how they don’t meet your needs, how you want to have them integrated into your life when you return home, how they may or may not be effective in a social change movement, how to interact with them with the consciousness of Being Nonviolence.

On Quests and Revolutions, we will get to unplug from daily routines, habits we want to change, refined sugars, drugs including alcohol, our electronics, and the world “outside” Play in the Wild!. On Quests, we will get the amazing opportunity to unplug even from society and cars. This is the most Wild! way you can bring alive your practices of Being Nonviolence.

Community Camps  and Animator Trainings will have varied levels of unplugging. These programs will all unplug from electronics, refined sugars, alcohol and other drugs.