Nonviolent Communication

Empathy Circle - North Carolina, USA Revolution 2010

"Freedom is the ability to pause between stimulus and response. And in the pause choose."

– Rollo May

Play in the Wild! offers a container to explore choices that expand our capacity to respond compassionately. Together, we create a “power-with” environment by acknowledging choice, transforming blame into responsibility for feelings and needs, and making the shift from wanting “to be right” to wanting “to connect”. At every moment, we are developing our ability to decide how to best meet our needs, including how meeting those needs affects meeting the needs of others. The essence of this container is L.O.V.E.: Listening, Observing, Validating, and Empathizing. In the practice of listening, observing, validating, and empathizing, we can reflect on how to find the most effective way to meet all needs. Every interaction is a chance for Being Nonviolence.

"When we focus on what is being observed, felt, and needed rather than diagnosing or judging, we discover the depth of our own compassion."

– Marshall B. Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication

Head Labels - Western Australia Animator Training 2008Nonviolent Communication (NVC)℠, founded by Marshall Rosenberg, gives us a language based in Universal Human Needs so that we can live, play, and resolve our conflicts in L.O.V.E. Play in the Wild! offers practice and training in NVC, so we can say what’s important to us and hear what’s important to others, creating a quality of connection that truly serves all life and gives to all needs. We can live in a consciousness of interdependence, an awareness that each action or inaction we choose affects ourselves, those around us, and ripples out into the world. Practicing this consciousness and learning these skills gives us freedom and power in the world – the freedom to believe in ourselves and make our own choices and the power to create allies, transforming blame and criticism into L.O.V.E.

"Labels block compassion."

– Marshall B. Rosenberg