Connection in Any Language

Needs in Any Language

We believe there are many languages with which we can connect, communicate, and express ourselves. Even when listening to someone, there are many languages in which we can understand another person. At Play in the Wild!, we rely on the language of Universal Human Needs as a basis for common ground. We also celebrate and support the use of participants’ first languages on Play in the Wild! because of the ability that first spoken languages have to convey the nuances of the speaker’s ideas.

While English and French languages are present at most of our programs, we strive to ensure that non-English and non-French speaking participants remain included. Past Play in the Wild! programs have included live and written translation in Swahili, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish, Swiss German, and Hebrew for participants with those first languages. We work with participants to find the support they will need on their Wild! to best be understood and understand others.

If your first language is not French or English and you are applying to a Play in the Wild! program, we will prepare translations of texts commonly used on Play in the Wild! in your language to support both your access to the learning and your freedom to fully express yourself.