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Play in the Wild! Canoe Quests Youtube Video

In this video, see the adventure and hear from the youth of the 2012 Canoe Quest in Quebec, Canada, about their journey of learning how to trust themselves and each other … and the fun that they had along the way!

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Nonviolence without borders - Wild! Kids Camps & Teen Canoe Quest

Nonviolence without borders – 2017 Wild! Kids Camps & Teen Canoe Quest:

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Ashraf Alamatouri

We are proud that Ashraf is on the Baba Tree International board of directors! It is an honor to walk with you!

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Click here to support Healing for Sue Penberthy by Eve Penberthy

If you have a moment we invite you to consider supporting Play in the Wild!’s Animator, Eve Penberthy, and her mother. We are walking with you both. Big love! <3!

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MLK: Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence (Full)

Today, and everyday, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We invite you give yourself the gift of listening to one of his most powerful speeches. You can consider any war that any country is participating in and hear his words as a true way out. Once..

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Renee Wunderlich My NBC5

NBC5 visited our Mentoring program orientation today!

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