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    Sophie Steiner

    Sophie Steiner is a Wild!er who embodied the Fierce Grace born when we engage impermanence and the practices of nonviolence. She lived her life to the fullest even while having cancer, and walked her journey profoundly. She died on August 30, 2013 at the age of 15, leaving big tracks for all of us to follow.

    In Sophie Steiner’s honor, we have set up the Fierce Grace Fund to ensure that youth living with life threatening illness and/or their siblings will be able to attend a Revolutions Retreat or Quest with Play in the Wild!. Click here to learn more.

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    Play in the Wild! Canoe Quests Youtube Video

    In this video, see the adventure and hear from the youth of the 2012 Canoe Quest in Quebec, Canada, about their journey of learning how to trust themselves and each other … and the fun that they had along the way!

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    A Few Suggestions from “Sharing Nature with Children” by Joseph Cornell:

    1. Teach less, share more
    2. Be receptive
    3. Focus the child’s attention without delay
    4. Look and experience first; talk later
    5. A sense of joy should permeate the experience


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    Did you know that at Play in the Wild we Love to ….PLAY !

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    Still Celebrating this incredible group of youth of the BackPack Quest ! And also wishing much learning, connexion, freedom and Fun and Play to Naomie who is going to Germany tomorrow for a 3 month student exchange ! Maybe you can connect with other..

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