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Play in the Wild! Canoe Quests Youtube Video

In this video, see the adventure and hear from the youth of the 2012 Canoe Quest in Quebec, Canada, about their journey of learning how to trust themselves and each other … and the fun that they had along the way!

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One of the lesser known leaders of Nonviolence that we will be discussing in our upcoming course is Khān Abdul Ghaffār Khān who raised up the world’s first nonviolent army, with over 100,000 members. This was one of their pledges: “I will serve all..

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2 days left to sign up for Nonviolence: A Way of Life for the Courageous

2 days left to sign up for our upcoming Nonviolence Tele-Class: A Way of Life for Courageous People!

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For the 2nd year, PITW! team members Arielle, Colin, Jesse and Catherine all attended the Maine Organic Gardener and farmer’s Common Ground Fair. A huge gathering around organic food, community building, play, arts and crafts, dancing ! We met a lot of..

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Photos from Play in the Wild's post

Animator Melanie Whitham and her partner, Rémi, went scouting recently for a new canoe route for our Youth program next summer. Where do you think they went? The moose tracks on the riverbank are a small hint…. Animatrice Mélanie Whitham et son conjoint,..

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Photos from Play in the Wild's post

Celebrating our Wild! Canoe Day at the Green River Reservoir during Artistry of Peace, our youth program this summer. On this day, some of our students discovered for the first time that they could swim and canoe with safety, trust and play! And we learned..

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