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Play in the Wild! Canoe Quests Youtube Video

In this video, see the adventure and hear from the youth of the 2012 Canoe Quest in Quebec, Canada, about their journey of learning how to trust themselves and each other … and the fun that they had along the way!

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Play in the Wild

We really like the organization our Keeping Tracks course is being organized by because like us at Play in the Wild!, they don’t let these things called borders or countries create separation. The animals, (like many of our students and families!) don’t..

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Animator Arielle Prince-Ferron uses a bear skull to check out the dot and dash on this birch tree. What is a dot and dash you may ask? It is the black bear’s way of practicing nonviolence! A dot and a dash are made by a black bear when scent marking to..

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In the next few months we will be offering a whole new series of Tele-Classes that anyone can sign-up for. These will also all be included in the Leadership program we are starting. We will be sharing on different topics such as: – NonViolence as a path..

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Timeline Photos

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Play in the Wild

1 week left to sign up for our Animator Training ! Please also sharw with anyone you think this is a good match for ! Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Obrigado and many more…

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